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Welcome to rewan.dev. This website is my personal virtual space, where I can record my developer profile, my personal projects, and contact information. You can access these categories respectively via the topbar icons.
This website is totally responsive for phones, tablets and computers, and is available in English and French languages.
More information about this website are available in the "about this website" section.

About me

Image of Erwan Le Bihan, owner of the website, as a pixel art.

Hello ! My name is Erwan Le Bihan, I am 28,81 and I am an IT developer and engineer living in Rouen, but an artist above all else. I am passionate about technology and art since childhood and notably by video game creation, even if I recently went interested by web and apps development. I consider programming as an art of its own, and what I want above all else is to like what I do - My philosophy is to always listen my heart when making professional choices and personal projects.

More information here.

About this website

This website uses HTML5/CSS3 and JavaScript with the help of Twitter's Bootstrap 4 framework as well as a MVC Go architecture thanks to the Gin Gonic framework which allows a better management of HTTP requests.
The website used to run with Java on Play! framework version 1.5 > Why did it change ?
The SSL certificate allowing access to the HTTPS protocol is provided by Let's Encrypt.
The hosting of the domain and of the Debian machine is provided by Gandi.