My personal projects

This page lists my current projects or ideas. Games, apps or other things, you can all of these on this page, as well as a description for each one.

Scridle - Work in progress

Logo of the Scridle website to display an image of the project.

Scridle is by far my biggest project; It is still in the lab as you read these lines but the goal here is to build a website allowing several people to write stories together in a gamified way. This "gamified way" is all the key behind the project and was a random thought at a random moment but a random thought which could be the beginning of a great thing. Scridle might also become a cool social network if it gains some attention once it is finished.

Ostily - 2020

Logo of the Ostily website to display an image of the project.

Ostily is a presentation website, just like, but for my sister and me. This way, we each have a personal website, and a group website. Ostily was also an occasion to learn some things about the Spring framework and the Thymeleaf templating engine, as well as using the Kotlin language (which I fell in love with) and the Sass CSS preprocessor. I also had a ton of fun designing some nice animations !

Oh Pirate ! - 2020

Logo of the Ohpirate website to display an image of the project.

Oh Pirate ! is a website designed to present the activity of the company of the same name. Oh Pirate ! is a company selling food, drinks and icecreams on the beaches. Don't hesitate to check their website if you want to learn more ! - 2019

Logo of the website to display an image of the project. is an history of my profile, my projects and my experience. It is regularly updated. It is overall my first website and the result of a desire to have my footprint on the internet. This project benefits from a total rework in 2021 to switch the backend to the Gin Gonic framework.