Banner of the page : logo of Go, the programming language made by Google, and image of the Gopher, its mascot, in front of it.


Go, or Golang, is a programming language created by Google. It is a modern language, of which the synthax allows a greater productivity. Its qualities include better errors management and easier multi-threading. Go is extremely performant and memory efficient : It is, in consequence, often used to develop scripts or treat large operations on servers. This language allows developing all kinds of applications, including websites, on all kinds of platforms : Go is a compiled language able to create different executable files depending on the target platform. The most important detail about Go creation's history is that it was developed by Google, and first of all for Google. This language is, then, answering one of the world's largest companies's problematics, while this company didn't see an optimal solution in the other languages, and it also means it is supported by this company. However, not counting this aspect, we must recognize that Golang has a great number of qualities allowing it to be efficient in a large number of situations, but also to be easily adopted by any developer. I also personally find in it the quality, however very subjective, to be very fun to use. Go was made with simplicity in mind too, one of the main goals being to make a C-like language more accessible to beginners than C is.

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