Banner of the page : Picture of Rouen, a city of Normandy, in the north of France.
Picture credits : Herbert Frank

City of Rouen

Most of my working time I was lucky to be able to pass in Rouen, magnificent city in Normandie (Seine Maritime) crossed by the Seine : An ideal and inspiring working frame, hosting every type of companies and so an infinite learning potential. I was notably able to work at Seine Biopolis (Doqboard company, formerly CompuSurge), Seine Innopolis (Keyveo company) and the VillageByCA (Eyeneed company). Rouen has a great aura and everything here is at hand's reach, which makes it an exciting work frame, and a great place to discover new relationships. Its rich past also makes it an historic place where tourists like to travel. We can notably see here the cathedral of Notre-Dame, and the Gros-Horloge. Every year also welcomes the Saint Romain fair, a famous fair with many attractions.

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